Aindrias de StaicAindrias de StaicAindrias de Staic
"... exquisite, picaresque. Rarely has storytelling been so foot-tappingly funny."
Nick Awde, Theatre Guide, London
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Aindrias de Staic

Aindrias De Staic has been described in the media as 'a captivating yarn-spinner', but he is also an accomplished musician and actor having won the Best Actor award at the Geelong Film Festival (Australia) for "Malarkey" (dir Joe Loh 2006) and The Galway Music Award 2007.

Born in Galway Ireland, his rich n rare style of fiddle playing is as unique to the west of Ireland as his story-telling, antics and humor.

Aindrias is well known internationally for his one man theatre show "Around the World on 80 quid" which won Best Solo Show at New Zealand Fringe and rave reviews thoughout Australia. "Around the World on 80 quid" also got Aindrias the nomination for Most Outstanding Performer at the Dunedin Fringe Festival 2008.

"The year I got Younger" was initially written as a spoken word novel loosely based on Aindrias own experience in Australia. Aindrias joined thousands of other Irish travelers to enjoy the sun and the 1year working holiday visa in Aus. The story was later fashioned into a one-man theatre show, which was nominated for the Malcolm Hardee Award at Edinburgh Fringe in 2008, and won rave reviews.

Later, holiday video, found footage and other scenes were edited into a performative documentary, directed by Gen Bailey with new music composed by Aindrias, who also produced the short film. "The Year I got Younger" went on to screen internationally and won BEST IRISH SHORT DOCO at Galway Film Fleadh as well as Best Documentary at Open Channel's Love Your Work event in Melbourne.

Other Theatre shows include "Summer I Did The Leaving" which won the Three Weeks Editors Award at Edinburgh 2009.

Star of stage and screen, Aindrias de Staic has enjoyed recent success in film, music and theatre. has enjoyed various other acting roles in Film and Tv including the role John the drug dealer in Ras na RĂșn (TG4), ) an Argentine patient The Clinic (RTE) a street trader in Neighbours, and has been cast as a diverse range of characters in various feature films including "Simon The Gypsy Fiddler" in feature movie "Further we Search" by Darias Devas, as well as mixed roles in the Magma Films: Green Freedom(1998), Summer of my Flying Saucer (2007). Aindiras recently played the lead role of Michael in "Moment of Grace", which won the Bright Spark Award at Trop Fest 2010.

"The Year that I got Younger" - The show, written and performed by Aindrias was Nominated for The Malcom Hardee Award at Edinburgh Fringe this year. The award is for comic originality in performance, and is made in honour of the late Malcom Hardee, god father of Alternative comedy. The short trailer movie of the same title, written and produced by Aindiras to promote a larger project, "The Year I Got Younger" (dir Gen Bailey 2008) won BEST SHORT Doco at the Galway Film Fleadh 2008.

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